2. The ISNAD Citayion Style Footnote Format

    • The elements of the bibliographic information required for citing a work in footnotes are separated with COMMA; and in the bibliography with DOT.
    • The abbreviation “p.” is not used to express the page.
    • The volume number is written without using the abbreviation “vol.”. Example: 8: 213
    • The printing number of a first printing work does not need to be specified by “1st Printing”. As for the non-first printing works, their printing number can be specified as follows:
    • In Footnotes:

    Talip Özdeş, Maturidi’nin Tefsir Anlayışı, Second Printing (Istanbul: Insan Publication, 2003; 25.

    • In Bibliography:

    Özdeş, Talip. Maturidi’nin Tefsir Anlayışı. Second Printing. Istanbul: Insan Publication, 2003.

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