18. Citation and Citing

Citation/Indirect Reference: If the reference is made to a certain page or range of the source, the page number should be indicated. If the reference is made to the whole source, that is, if the author ask the readers to examine the whole source, the referred source should be specified after the expression “See for the matter”, “See for the view”, “See for the discussion” or just “see.”

Quotation: The direct quotation in text should be specified by using single quotation mark. If a quotation is longer than three lines (more than forty words), it should be given in a separate paragraph. In order to distinguish the long quotation from the main text, set the font-size to a smaller size than that of the text. Some words, sentences, or paragraphs can be omitted from the quoted text, provided that it does not change the meaning. Triple dot (…) is added in place of the removed parts.


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