15. Writing of Numerals

Hours, amount of money, measurement and statistical data are written in numbers:

Example: at 17.30 | 1.500.000 Tl | 150 kilometres | 15 meters’ fabric | 1.250.000 people

When writing percentage and thousandth marks, leave no space between the number and the mark:

Example: 25% | 50%

Numbers can be written as words:

Example: since the Millennium | fourteen days | fifth day of the week | quarterly | one hundred questions

The words thousand, million, billion and trillion are written as words for the sake of easy reading of four or more-digit numbers:

Example: 1 billion 500 million people | 3 thousands 55 items / 8 trillion 412 billion.

Numbers consisting of multiple words are written separately:

Example: two hundred / three hundred sixty-five | one thousand two hundred fifty-one

Distributive numerals are indicated as words:

Example: two by two | nine by nine | hundred by hundred.[1]

  1. Turkish Language Authority (TDK), “Spelling rules” (Accessed 16 April 2019)


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