13.2. Dissertation & Thesis-Master

In the ISNAD Citation Style, titles of dissertation & thesis are preferred to be italic. It is also preferred to indicate the type of thesis as “Master’s Thesis” instead of “Unpublished Master’s Thesis”.

First Reference … (Author’s Last Name, Year).
Example … (Eren, 2017).

… (Eskildsen, 1989).
… (Şimşek, 2014).

Subsequent References … (Author’s Last Name, Year).
Example … (Eren, 2017).

… (Eskildsen, 1989).
… (Şimşek, 2014).

Direct References … (Author’s Last Name, Year, X page).
Example … (Eren, 2017, 67).
… (Eskildsen, 1989, 98-90)

… (Şimşek, 2014, 20).

Bibliography Author’s Last Name, First Name. Title of Thesis. City: Name of University, Institute, Master’s Thesis, Year (if available) URL
Example Eren, Recep. Mâtürîdî’nin Müteşâbih Âyetlere Yaklaşımı. Sivas: Cumhuriyet University, Institute of Social Sciences, Master’s Thesis, 2017.

Şimşek, Vahdeddin. İngiltere ve Türkiye’de Devlet okullarında Okutulan Din Eğitimi (RE) Derslerinin Kazanımlarının Karşılaştırılması. Ankara: Ankara University, Institute of Social Sciences, Undergraduate Thesis, 2014.

Eskildsen, Stephen Edward. The Beliefs and Practices of Early Ch’üan-Chen Taoism. Canada: The University of British Columbia, The Faculty of Graduate Studies, Master’s Thesis, 1989. https://open.library.ubc.ca/ cIRcle/collections/ubctheses/831/items/1.0097774


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