6.1. Hadith Sources: “Name of Chapter (Kitāb)”, Bāb Number System

When citing one of those hadith books byMuḥammad b. Ismāʿīl al-Bukhārī (d. 256/870), Abū Dāwūd al-Sijistānī (d. 275/889), Muḥammad b. Yazīd Ibn Māja (d. 275/889), Muḥammad b. ʿĪsā al-Tirmidhī (d. 279/892), Aḥmad b. Shuʿayb al-Nasāʾī (d. 303/915) and al-Dārimī (d. 255/869) indicate printing information and then Name of Chapter (Kitāb) and Bāb Number in first reference. If you wish to indicatehadith number, you can write it in parentheses after bāb number.

First Reference Author’s First and Last Name, Title of Hadith Book, ed. Editor’s First and Last Name (Place of Publication: Publisher, Year of Publication), “Name of Chapter (Kitāb)”, Bāb Number (no.Hadith Number).
Example Muḥammad b. Ismāʿīl al-Bukhārī, al-Jāmiʿ al-ṣaḥīḥ, ed. Muḥammad Zuhayr b. Nasr (s.l.: Dār Tawq al-Najāt, 1422/2001), “Manāqib”, 24 (no.3437).
Subsequent References Author’s Last Name, “Name of Chapter (Kitāb)”, Bāb Number (no. Hadith Number).
Example al-Bukhārī, “Manāqib”, 24 (no.3437).
Bibliography Author’s Last Name, First name.Title of Hadith Book.ed. Editor’s First and Last Name. x Volumes. Place of Publication: Publisher, x. Edition, Year of Publication.
Example al-Bukhārī, Muḥammad b. Ismāʿīl.al-Jāmiʿ al-ṣaḥīḥ.ed. Muḥammad Zuhayr b. Nasr. 8 Volumes. s.l.: Dār Tawq al-Najāt, 2. Edition, 1422/2001.
  • The names of authors are saved to softwares like EndNote and Zotero as Last Name, First Name. When saving an Arabic name, enter “Kunya Ism Nisba Laqab” in the field of Author’s Name, and well-known name in the field of Last Name.

    Example: Last Name, First Name

    al-Bukhārī, Muḥammad b. Ismāʿīl

    Ibn Māja, Muḥammad b. Yazīd

  • When creating a citation of this type in softwares like EndNote ve Zotero, enter “Name of Chapter (Kitāb)” and “Bāb Number” in the field of “Page Number” manually. No need to saving names of chapters (Kitāb) in the softwares separetly. When referring to the same hadith source for the second time, the program automatically creates the field of Author’s Well-Known Name in footnote; Name of Chapter (Kitāb) and Bāb Number are saved as “Manāqib”, 24 in place of page number manually. So, the footnote citation will be written as al-Bukhārī, “Manāqib”, 24.

  • When saving a publication of this type to EndNote and Zotero, enter number of volumes and editions in numerals in the field that indicated by “x” in the above examples.

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