19. Citing a Primary Source in a Secondary Source

It is essential to reach primary sources in a research. The citation of both primary and secondary sources together can be made in an exeptional case. First the original source is written and then the quoted source is indicated.

Example: Citation in-text citations

… (Saffar, 2001, 2/143 trans. Demir, 2014, 122).

Example: Citation in-footnote citations

1 Abū Isḥāq Ibrāhīm b. Ismāʿīl al-Zāhid al-Ṣaffār al-Bukharī, Talkhīṣ al-adilla li-qawāʿid al-tawḥīd, Critical ed. Angelika Brodersen (Beirut: al-Maʿhad al-Almānī li’l-Abḥāth al-Sharqiyya, 1432/2011), 2/143 trans. Abdullah Demir, Ebû İshâk Zâhid es-Saffâr’ın Kelâm Yöntemi (İstanbul: İSAM Yayınları, 2018), 122.


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