17.2. Report-With Author(s)

First Reference Editor’s First and Last Name, Title of Report (Institution, Year), Number, Page Number.
Example Mustafa Aydıntepe – İzzettin Artokça, Yemen Raporu (TASAM, 2013), 14,
Subsequent References Editor’s Last Name, Title of Report, Page Number.
Example Aydıntepe – Artokça, Yemen Raporu, 16.
Bibliography Editor’s Last Name, First Name. Title of Report. Name of Institution, Year. URL
Example Aydıntepe, Mustafa – Artokça, İzzettin. Yemen Raporu. TASAM, 2018. http://www.tasam.org/Files/PDF/Raporlar/yemen _raporu.pdf_b7e9f548-3946-4f3d-ac14-b8448ef6b8eb.pdf

For references with three or more authors use the abbrivation “et al.” after first author’s name in footnote. The same applies to bibliography.


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