12.3. Dictionary-Online

First Reference Title of Dictionary, “Article Title” (Access Day Month Year).
Example Güncel Türkçe Sözlük, “Mukallit” (Access 8 July 2019).

Arabic Ontology, “آمن” (Access 31 August 2019).

Kubbealtı Lugati, “İsnat-İsnad” (Access 11 July 2019).

Subsequent References Title of Dictionary, “Article Title”.
Example Güncel Türkçe Sözlük, “Mukallit”.

Arabic Ontology, “آمن”.

Kubbealtı Lugati, “İsnat-İsnad”.

Bibliography Title of Dictionary. Access Day Month Year. URL
Example Arabic Ontology. Access 31 August 2019. https://ontology.birzeit.edu

Güncel Türkçe Sözlük. Access 8 July 2019. http://sozluk.gov.tr

Kubbealtı Lugati. Access 11 July 2019. http://lugatim.com

URL of electronic publications are specified only in bibliography, not in footnote. Access is specified in bracekts after title of work in footnote so that the publication type of work be known by readers.

Article titles are not indicated in bibliography even if one or more articles of the same dictionary have been cited.


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