33. Voice Record

First Reference First and Last Name, “Title of Record”, if available Album’s/Producer’s or Archive Name (Year), Referred Hour:Minute:Second-Hour:Minute:Second.
Example Fatih Koca, “Hak Bir Gönül Verdi Bana”, Lâ Mekân (2016), 00:03:01-00:04:02.

Michael Jackson, “Break of Dawn”, Invincible (2001), 00:02:11-00:03:10.

İsmail Biçer, “Bakara Sûresi”, Seher Demir Özel Arşivi (n.d.), 00:04:05-00:05:10.

Ahmed Naina, “Sûrat Al-Fatihah”, al-Mushaf al-Mujawwad (1987), 00:01-02:03.

Taner Şener, “Derman Kâr Eylemez”, Gönül Plak (1980),00:04:50-00:06:20.

Subsequent References Last Name, “Title of Record”, Referred Hour:Minute:Second-Hour:Minute:Second.
Example Jackson, “Break of Dawn”, 00:03:24-00:04:00.

Koca, “Hak Bir Gönül Verdi Bana”, 00:03:04-00:03:09.

Biçer, “ Sûrat al-Bakara”, 00:04:08-00:04:40.

Naina, “Sûrat al-Fatihah”, 00:01:01-00:02:03.

Şener, “Derman Kâr Eylemez”, 00:04:50-00:06:20.

Bibliography Last Name, First Name. “Title of Record”. Album’s/Producer’s or Archive Name, Year. Access Day Month Year. URL
Example Biçer, İsmail. “Surat al-Bakara”. Seher Demir Özel Arşivi, n.d.

Jackson, Michael. “Break of Dawn”. Invincible, 2001. Access 12 July 2018. https://rateyourmusic.com/release/album/michael-jackson/invincible-10

Koca, Fatih. “Hak Bir Gönül Verdi Bana”. Lâ Mekân, 2016.

Naina, Ahmed. “Sûrat al-Fatihah”. al-Mushaf al-Mujawwad, 1987. Access 14 July 2018. https://en.islamway.net/collection/10935/al-mushaf-al-mujawwad

Şener, Taner. “Derman Kâr Eylemez”. Gönül Plak, 1970. Access 18 July 2018. https://kasif.mkutup.gov.tr/SonucDetay.aspx?MakId=590311

  • When saving an unreleased – but kept in a private archive – record to EndNote and Zotero library, name of private archive is written in the field of “Album’s Name”..

    Album Title: Berat Demir Private Archive


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