21.2. Interview-Online

If interview is available online, either in audio or written form, it should be indicated both in the text and bibliography.

First Reference … (Interviewee’s Last Name, Interview Year).
Example … (İnalcık, 1985).
Subsequent References … (Interviewer’s Last Name, Interview Year).
Example … (İnalcık, 1985).
Direct References … (Interviewer’s Last Name, Interview Year, Volume/Page Number).
Example … (İnalcık, 1985).
Bibliography Interviewee’s Last Name, First Name. “Interview Title” (Interviewer: First and Last Name, Recording Type, Interview Day Month Year). URL
Example İnalcık, Halil. “Fatih Sultan Mehmed” (Interviewer: İlber Ortaylı, Video Recording, Interview 3 March 1985). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8px5eBJHYNE&list=PLCq4ha8CiOukJvXOx3Kp8lC9QoSqLIVjj&index=4


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