8. Greek and Roman Classics

First Reference … (Aurhor’s Name, Year of Publication).
Example … (Aristoteles, 1960).
… (Thomas Aquinas, 1961)

. … (Aristoteles, 1996).

Subsequent References … (Aurhor’s Name, Year of Publication).
Example … (Aristoteles, 1960).
… (Thomas Aquinas, 1961).
… (Aristoteles, 1996).
Direct References … (Aurhor’s Name. Year of Publication, Chapter Number Sub-Chapter Number Paragraph Number Line Number).
Example … (Aristoteles, 1960, 1031a 15-20).
… (Thomas Aquinas, 1961, XI.2 2188).
… (Aristoteles, 1996, III.4 999b 5-7).
Bibliography Aurhor’s Name. Title of Book. ed. Editor, trans. Translator’s First and Last Name. Place of Publication: Publisher, Edition Sayısı, Year of Publication.
Example Aristoteles. Metafizik. trans. Ahmet Arslan. İstanbul: Sosyal Yayınlar, Kasım 1996.

Aristoteles. Metaphysics. trans. Richard Hope. USA: The University of Michigan Press: Ann Arbor Paperbacks, 1960.

Thomas Aquinas. Commentary on the Metaphysics of Aristotle. trans. John P. Roman. 2 Volumes. Chicago: Henry Regnery Company, 1961.

  • Classics are saved softwares like EndNote in “Book” format.

  • When referring to classical works, the international standard citation is entered in the field of page number.

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