32. Video Record

First Reference Director’s/Uploader’s First and Last Name, “Video Title”, Platform Name (Publication Date Day Month Year), Referred Hour:Minute:Second-Hour:Minute:Second.
Example Muhammet Tarakçı, “İSNAD-Kitap Bölümüne Atıf”, YouTube (31 March 2018), 00:01:10-00:01:55.
Subsequent References Director’s/Uploader’s Last Name, “Kayıt Adı”, Referred Hour:Minute:Second-Hour:Minute:Second.
Example Tarakçı, “İSNAD-Kitap Bölümüne Atıf”, 00:01:10-00:01:55.
Bibliography Director’s/Uploader’s First and Last Name, First Name. “Video Title”. Platform Name. Date Day Month Year. URL
Example Tarakçı, Muhammet. “İSNAD-Kitap Bölümüne Atıf”. YouTube. Date 31 March 2018. https://youtu.be/watch?v=QwJe7fJfGYI


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